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Shoreline Star Greyhound Track

Shoreline Star Greyhound Track is the only dog track in the state of Connecticut. The beautiful track is located in Bridgeport and offers live and exciting greyhound races. It also simulcasts thoroughbred, harness, greyhound and jai-alai action from other tracks in the United States.

Spectators can watch live racing from tables along the trackside. These tables are complete with individual closed circuit television monitors for race replays and other race information.

Jai-alai simulcasts are held in Shoreline Star Greyhound Track's Cancha Theatre. The theatre has stadium-style seating and brand new giant projection screen televisions.

The track is located at 255 Kossuth Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.

Shoreline Star Greyhound Track Information

  • Distance Raced: 5/16 mile, 3/8 mile, 7/16 mile

Shoreline Star Greyhound Track Records

YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
SEP 2001302 / 330BB the Pipe17.1217.64
1998302 / 330Hdm Otis L17.2017.56
JUL 2004503 / 550BB's Elegant Ed30.0016.77
1998503 / 550Dutch Monique30.1716.67
1996604 / 661Smooth Showoff36.8016.41
JUN 2005704 / 770WW Betr Thanever43.3216.25
1999704 / 770Willowrun Cool43.1516.32

Shoreline Star Greyhound Track Major Events

  • The Inaugural
  • The Maiden Debut
  • The Memorial Day Dash
  • Slovak Night
  • Independence Marathon
  • Stars and Stripes Sprint

Shoreline Star Greyhound Track Quick Facts

Shoreline Star Greyhound Track
255 Kossuth Street
Bridgeport, CT 06608
Phone: +1 (888) GO-DOG-GO

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