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Phoenix Greyhound Track

For more than 40 years, Phoenix Greyhound Track has been a sports and entertainment landmark in the state of Arizona. Every year, approximately a million greyhound racing fans pass through the track's gates.

Live racing is held at Phoenix Greyhound Park every Sunday through Saturday. Matinee simulcasts are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays with doors opening at 11 AM. There are also simulcasts from featured tracks across the nation every evening. Evening simulcast action begins at 5:00 PM.

The track's second floor offers an excellent view of the track. Individual television monitors on all tables in the tiered area provide replays and betting information.

Phoenix Greyhound Track's grandstand was built at a cost of $17 million. The track is located directly at 3801 East Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Phoenix Greyhound Track Records

YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
JUN 2003302 / 330Coldwater Konow17.3717.39
JUN 2002302 / 330Coldwater Cleta17.5117.25
2001302 / 330Check These Legs17.7816.99
AUG 2005402 / 440Miss Sunshine24.3416.52
FEB 2003402 / 440Che Mar Tuf Boy24.3916.48
AUG 2002402 / 440Kaboom24.6416.31
2001402 / 440TV Beths Beauty24.7216.26
JUN 2005503 / 550Chief Ferguson29.5417.03
JUN 2003503 / 550RD's Perch29.7016.94
JAN 2003503 / 550Coldwater Konow29.7916.88
FEB 2002503 / 550Prickly Prissy29.8516.85
2001503 / 550PS Rumor Has It30.0116.76
MAR 2006626 / 685Bella Fusion38.1316.42
OCT 2003626 / 685TV Wakiki Mandy38.1316.42
JUL 2003626 / 685Coldwater Helen38.2916.35
JUL 2003626 / 685SH's Allison38.3016.34
FEB 2002626 / 685RD's Bashful38.3416.33
2000626 / 685RC's Dianes Best38.4816.27
JUN 2005704 / 770Action Ofthe Day43.2316.28
SEP 2003704 / 770Colormeimpressed43.2716.27
SEP 2002704 / 770Chinook43.5116.18
1996704 / 770One Bad Boy43.7716.08

Phoenix Greyhound Track Quick Facts

Phoenix Greyhound Track
3801 East Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034-1796
Phone: +1 (602) 273 7181
Race Days: Every night at 7:30 pm

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