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Henlow Greyhound Track

Henlow Greyhound Track is often described as a big, safe, galloping track with a good run to the finishing line.

Whether you are a newcomer or an old hand at greyhound racing, nothing can compare to the thrill of a night out with friends, placing a bet on the course and watching your chosen greyhound win!

Henlow Greyhound Track has undergone renovation to the stadium making it more exciting and enjoyable.

Henlow Greyhound Track Information

  • Circumference: 410 meters
  • Hare Type: Outside Swaffham
  • Distance Raced: 250, 460, 550, 660, 870, 960 meters
  • Run to First Bend: 75 meters
  • Track Capacity: 1,000 spectators

Henlow Greyhound Track Records

  • 250m: Gamble It - 14.96 sec. (03/01/00)
  • 460m: Couriers Dream - 27.42 sec. (10/18/98)
  • 550m: Westmead Baron - 33.35 sec. (03/18/01)
  • 660m: Lobo - 40.21sec (10/15/99)
  • 870m: Tiptree Poker - 55.31 sec. (10/27/97)

Henlow Greyhound Track Major Events

  • Carlsberg Tetley Challenge

Henlow Greyhound Track Quick Facts

Henlow Greyhound Track
Bedford Road
Henlow Camp
Lower Stondon
Bedfordshire SG16 6EA
Phone: +44 (1462) 851-850
Fax: +44 (1462) 815-593

History of Henlow Greyhound Track

Henlow Greyhound Track opened as a straights racing track in 1923. Circuit racing began at Henlow in 1927.

In 1976, Henlow Greyhound Track adopted National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC) racing rules. NGRC is the greyhound governing body of England.

A new set of owners took over Henlow Greyhound Track in October 2004. The new Managing Director is Mr. Kevin Boothby from Boston in Lincolnshire, England.

Henlow Greyhound Track has undergone renovation. A 400-seat, glass fronted restaurant has recently been constructed, while the café and bar facilities were improved. The kennels were also extended to allow more races.

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