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Wellington Greyhound Racing Club

Wellington Greyhound Racing Club's track is located within the Hutt Park Raceway. The entrance is off the Seaview Roundabout, while the office is located at the eastern end of the park.

On the average, the club races on 29 occasions per season. Racing is conducted for all grades over 295m, 525m and 758m. The track is a well banked grass surface which provides for safe and exciting races.

Wellington Greyhound Racing Club Track Records

  • 525m Our Patch 32.46s (23-12-2001)
  • 525m Catch Me Soon 29.92s (15-01-2004)
  • 295m Bossy Ace 16.61s (18-11-2004)
  • 295m Homebush Brian 16.61s (24-11-2004)
  • 758m Thrilling Sam 44.45s (19-04-2005)
  • 295m Awesome Mystery 16.61s (14-12-2005)

Wellington Greyhound Racing Club Quick Facts

Wellington Greyhound Racing Club
Hutt Park Raceway,
Seaview, Lower Hutt
Phone: +67 (04) 568 6776
Fax: +67 (04) 568 7256

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