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Auckland Greyhound Racing Club

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club's track is located in the Manukau Sports Bowl complex on Te Irirangi Drive, Manukau City. It is easily accessed via the Southern motorway.

Racing is conducted for all grades over 318m, 527m, 603m, 779m. Hurdles are also conducted over 527m, though race day and time vary.

The Auckland Greyhound Racing Club's track has a sand/loam surface which provides safe racing and gives both leaders and off pace runners every chance. The track utilizes a Bramich Hare Lure running on the inside rail.

Manukau Stadium was purposely built for Greyhound racing, and the Club held its first race meeting at the new track on December the 18th 1989.

The Public viewing areas consist of a glassed in Grandstand, behind which is a large lounge and dining area with seating, bar, and catering facilities.

Initial racing was on a turf surface, but in 1999 the Club converted the track to an all weather sand and loam surface.

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Track Information

  • Surface: Sand Loam
  • Lure: Bramich Hare Lure
  • Race Distances: 318m, 527m, 603m, 779m
  • Hurdles are also conducted over 527m

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Special Events

  • NZ Shootout - 527m - September
  • Auckland Cup - 527m - December
  • Railway Sprint - 318m - December
  • Auckland Oaks - 527m - January
  • Auckland Derby - 527m - January
  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver Collar - 779m - May

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club History

Over the past 100 years in the Auckland Province, a total of 18 coursing and greyhound racing clubs, have at one time or another, occupied a total of 33 venues, with the Auckland Greyhound Racing Club the only surviver, having occupied 11 venues during it's 50 years of existence.

Between 1947 and 1949, the then fledgling club raced at Alison Park, and Western Springs in 1949.

In 1950 the club raced at Huntley Domain, and at Olympic Park New Lyne between 1950 and 1953.

During 1954 racing was at the East Tamaki Dairy Property in Otara, and at Huapai, and then the club settled for 10 years to race at Kumea, between 1954 and 1976.

The Club moved to Mt Smart between 1976 and 1982, and then raced at the Claudlands Raceway, between 1982 to 1989.

Finally from 1989 to the present, the club has found a permanant home at the Manukau Stadium, a purpose built greyhound racing complex. Initially racing was on a grass track, but the increased frequency of racing and trials resulted in difficulty maintaining a high standard of track surface. The club converted the track to an all weather sand and loam surface in 1999.

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Records

YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
APR 2002318 / 348Loony World18.1917.48
AUG 2003527 / 576Some Joe30.1917.46
1999527 / 576Overtime30.3217.38
MAY 2001603 / 659Misleading34.9917.23
2000779 / 852Leo the Lion46.9216.60
1999987 / 1079Aqua Mouse61.5516.04
JUL 2003527 / 576Gone Troppo32.1516.39

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Quick Facts

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club
P O Box 76063
Manukau City
Phone: +64 (09) 263-7077
Fax: +64 (09) 263-7079

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