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Lithgow Greyhound Racing Club

Founded in 1928, races were held under lights on Wednesdays. Now, races are held Saturday daytime.

The Lithgow Club race on a Saturday afternoon and nominations close at 3pm on the Tuesday prior, a sand surface and a Bramich lure system is in operation.

There are camping facilities and kenneling available for trainers who are traveling with their greyhounds.

A kiosk is available for patrons offering hot and cold food and drinks.

The Lithgow Greyhound Racing Track is located around 145km from Sydney. Car parking is available at the track. Camping facilities are available for traveling trainers and kenneling is available for greyhounds.

Bookmakers operate at the track for race meetings as well as full TAB facilities and betting is available on both greyhound and horse races.

Video replays of the races are shown at the track and are available if required.

The track offers a full kiosk to their patrons for hot and clod food and drinks.

Lithgow Greyhound Racing Club Track Information

  • Surface: Sand
  • Lure: Bramich Lure System
  • Race Distances: 287m, 506m, 610m, 706m

Lithgow Greyhound Racing Club Special Events

  • Golden Muzzle Carnival (December)

Lithgow Greyhound Racing Club Records

YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
APR 2007287 / 314Shane's Conquest16.6517.24
JAN 2006287 / 314Watta Case16.6817.21
MAY 1996287 / 314Don Pasquale16.6917.20
AUG 2006414 / 453Shacoby Rocket24.0917.19
JUL 2004414 / 453Pure Evil24.1917.11
APR 2003414 / 453Acola Sharky24.2317.09
JUN 2002414 / 453Lansdowne Flyer24.3317.02
DEC 1998414 / 453Bob's One24.3716.99
SEP 2006506 / 553Nimble Lee29.2617.29
DEC 2002506 / 553Addis Boy29.3417.25
DEC 2002506 / 553Addis Boy29.4717.17
DEC 2002506 / 553Que Dee Tee29.6317.08
DEC 2002610 / 667Forest Bay36.0616.92
DEC 2004706 / 772What's New42.3316.68
MAY 2002706 / 772Jaybe Freebee42.4716.62

Lithgow Greyhound Racing Club Quick Facts

Lithgow Greyhound Racing Club
P O Box 16
Lithgow NSW 2790
Phone: +61 (02) 6351-3024
Fax: +61 (02) 6351-3514

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