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Horsham Greyhound Racing Club

Horsham Greyhound Racing Club is located at the Wimmera district, Horsham, Victoria. It is about 295 kilometers west of Melbourne.

The Club's track is located at the show grounds on the right hand side as you enter the township. The track is renowned for its quality racing surface and long straights.

Horsham Greyhound Racing Club holds races every Tuesday afternoon. Full TAB facilities are available during the races as well as video replays.

The club has a one-week recess in the second week of school holidays every September and no races are held on the Tuesday of the Melbourne Cup.

Camping is not available at the track, but is available in the township of Horsham. The kennel block is two-tier and is air conditioned.

Horsham Greyhound Racing Club Track Information

  • Surface: Sand
  • Lure: Cable Lure System
  • Race Distances: 336m, 480m, 570m

Horsham Greyhound Racing Club Special Events

  • Westside Tabaret Horsham Cup Carnival


YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
JUN 1992320 / 350Iceni Regent19.3116.57
MAR 2005336 / 367Showzability18.9517.73
NOV 2001336 / 367Light of Rose18.9617.72
APR 2004480 / 525Crash26.6817.99
MAR 2004480 / 525Brumby Lad26.8517.88
MAR 2004480 / 525Brumby Lad26.8917.85
JUN 2000480 / 525Brett Lee26.9417.82
MAR 2004570 / 623Brionny's Choice32.4117.59
MAR 2002570 / 623Riverlee Bale32.4917.54
1999710 / 776Zippy Luck42.6116.66

Horsham Greyhound Racing Club Quick Facts

Horsham Greyhound Racing Club
PO Box 458,
Horsham, VIC 3402
Phone: +61 (03) 5382-4329
Fax: +61 (03) 5382-1949

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