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Grafton Greyhound Racing Club

The Grafton Greyhound Racing Club's track is located at 70 Cranworth Street, Grafton, New South Wales. The track has a loam surface and a cable lure system.

The Grafton Greyhound Racing Club conducts a racing carnival every July. The carnival is one of the most unique happenings in the greyhound racing industry as thousands of enthusiasts travel to the Jacaranda City for two weeks of action packed racing.

Camping and caravan facilities are available for traveling trainers. Bar, kiosk and barbeque facilities also available for the enjoyment of patrons.

Grafton Greyhound Racing Club Track Information

  • Surface: Loam
  • Lure: Cable Lure System
  • Race Distances: 302m, 407m, 480m, 610m

Grafton Greyhound Racing Club Special Events

  • Racing Carnival

Grafton Greyhound Racing Club Records

YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
APR 2005407 / 445Scar Bar22.7817.87
JUL 2003407 / 445Total Tanga22.4418.14
SEP 2006480 / 525Miss Jaydee27.2217.63
AUG 2006480 / 525Miss Jaydee27.2517.61
SEP 2005480 / 525Watch the Web27.3217.57
OCT 2001480 / 525Jack a Dandy26.7117.97
JUL 2005610 / 667Devine Gem35.1617.35
JUL 1995610 / 667Alaureena34.7817.54

Grafton Greyhound Racing Club Quick Facts

Grafton Greyhound Racing Club Ltd.
P O Box 93
Grafton NSW 2460
Phone: +61 (02) 6642-3713
Fax: +61 (02) 6642-6030

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