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Casino Greyhound Racing Club

Casino Greyhound Racing Club is located at Queen Elizabeth Park on Hartley Street Casino, New South Wales.

The club has been racing for 60 years and has the distinction of conducting races on one of the world's few circular greyhound racing tracks.

The Casino Greyhound Racing Club conducts races on Fridays offering patrons the ideal start for the weekend ahead. Bar and kiosk facilities are available in the covered betting ring.

Casino Greyhound Club Track Information

  • Surface: Grass
  • Lure: Cable Lure System
  • Race Distances: 411m, 484m, 620m

Casino Greyhound Racing Club Records

YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
OCT 2006411 / 449Pedro's Me Mate22.8717.97
MAR 2001411 / 449Miss Cunnen22.5918.19
AUG 2006484 / 529Kidatee Bob27.1717.81
OCT 2005484 / 529Heap's Fast27.3417.70
SEP 2002484 / 529Annie's Commando26.9117.99
SEP 2005620 / 678Miss Jaydee35.4617.48
SEP 2002620 / 678Montana Sky35.0317.70

Casino Greyhound Racing Club Quick Facts

Casino Greyhound Racing Club
PO Box 9
Casino NSW 2470
Phone: +61 (02) 6662-3161
Fax: +61 (02) 6662 4546

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