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Cannington Greyhound Racing Track

Cannington Greyhound Racing Track has a sand surface and is located at the corner of Station Street and Albany Highway, Cannington, Western Australia. It is about ten kilometers south of Perth and is adjacent to the Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre.

Races are held at Cannington Greyhound Racing Track every Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

On Wednesday evenings, gates open on at 6.30 p.m. The first race starts at approximately 7.49 p.m. while the last race at 10.30 p.m. Admission on Wednesdays is free.

On Saturday evenings, gates open at 6.00 p.m. The first race starts at approximately 7.05 p.m. while the last race at 10.40pm. Admission on Saturdays is $6.00.

SKY Channel TV covers the Saturday and Wednesday races all year.

Full TAB facilities are offered and local bookmakers are also available at the track.

Cannington Greyhound Racing Track Information

  • Surface: Sand
  • Lure: Cable Lure System
  • Race Distances: 297m, 530m, 642m, 744m

Cannington Greyhound Racing Track Records

YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
APR 1997295 / 323Rapid Rigo16.9817.37
SEP 2006297 / 325Muzz Buzz16.9817.49
JUN 2004297 / 325Lennox Bale16.9917.48
AUG 2002297 / 325Mattie's Mate17.1017.37
APR 2007530 / 580Cromlah Bale29.9317.71
MAR 2006530 / 580Superman30.0917.61
MAR 2004530 / 580Kilby Supreme30.1217.60
MAR 2003530 / 580Kovu30.2617.51
AUG 1998530 / 580Reggemite30.3417.47
SEP 1997638 / 698Gemarly Park37.3817.07
2007642 / 702Will You Behave37.0417.33
APR 2004642 / 702Ray Reltub37.0517.33
MAR 2004642 / 702Totally Elusive37.2417.24
APR 2001642 / 702Duke of Gabbie37.2717.23
APR 1998700 / 766Paradise Street41.1916.99
AUG 2002704 / 770Jennev41.0817.14
APR 2005715 / 782Last Quoted41.5317.22
MAR 2004715 / 782Winter41.5717.20
MAY 2000740 / 809Joyful Azz43.8016.89
AUG 2002744 / 814Jedi Lightsabre43.9516.93

Cannington Greyhound Racing Club Quick Facts

Corner Albany Highway & Station Street,
Western Australia 6107
Phone: +61 (08) 9458 4600
Fax: +61 (08) 9458 9182

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