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Bulli Greyhound Racing Club

Bulli Greyhound Racing Club is headquartered at the Bulli Showground and Racing Complex at Slacky Flat Park on the Princes Highway, Bulli, New South Wales.

Racing started at Bulli in 1984, after the closure of the Wollongong Raceway.

Bulli Greyhound Racing Club offers patrons superb race night facilities. Patrons can enjoy an a-la-carte menu in the restaurant or a quick snack from the bar. Patrons can watch races live with uninterrupted views from the grandstand, concourse and functions areas.

Bulli Greyhound Racing Club Track Information

  • Surface: Bungendore Sand
  • Lure: Cable Lure System
  • Race Distances: 400m, 515m, 659m, 701m

Bulli Greyhound Racing Club Events

  • Narellan Auction Super Maiden

Bulli Greyhound Racing Club Records

YearDist m / yGreyhoundTimem/sec
MAY 2005400 / 437Edie Beauchamp22.3817.87
JAN 2004400 / 437Mrs King22.4117.85
2001400 / 437Mean Bean22.5017.78
JUL 1999400 / 437Reckless Rover22.6117.69
DEC 2007472 / 516Bartrim Bale25.9218.21
MAY 2006472 / 516Winsome Lesson25.9418.20
JAN 2005472 / 516Paua to Burn26.0218.14
AUG 1999472 / 516Bob's One26.2617.97
SEP 2007515 / 563Princess Bale28.7917.89
AUG 2006515 / 563Mottram28.8417.86
MAY 2006515 / 563High Ace28.8717.84
APR 2004515 / 563Dabyne Prince28.8917.83
APR 2003515 / 563Chitling Alert28.8917.83
OCT 2002515 / 563My Boy Redman28.9517.79
MAR 2002659 / 721Total Denial37.6317.51
AUG 1999701 / 767Platinum Prince40.6917.23

Bulli Greyhound Racing Club Quick Facts

Bulli Greyhound Racing Club
PO Box 40
Bulli NSW 2516
Phone: +61 (02) 4267-1467
Fax: +61 (02) 4267 5229

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